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Happy Sunday! Today’s update features creative entrepreneur, art lover and photography enthusiast Geli Balcruz. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! 

What’s your name?

Geli Balcruz

Where on the Internet can we find you? (URL/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) 

IG: @gelibalcruz // gelibalcruz.com

What would you like to be known for?

I’d just like to be known as someone who tried to spread good vibes by letting my weird light shine 😉

Something to look back on: What do you wish you could say to a younger self? If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently? Tell us more about this younger self, if you’d like.

Aaahhh! A lot of things! I wish I had known that I didn’t need to shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows at a young age. And that it’s okay to say “No” and that it’s okay if I don’t belong to a certain group to feel appreciated – it’s also normal to lose friends as you get older. And most of all, being able to love and give love really means to love yourself fiercely. No more betraying of your own truth and identity and putting yourself in the VIP seat of your own concert – your life.

Something right now: What makes you glad to be alive right now? What gets you excited these days? What is it about these things that inspire you? Feel free to tell us more about the things that excite you.

Dark chocolate vegan cakes and key lime energy bites! YUMMY!! Also, having a new outlook in life really helps me get out of bed these days. I try my best to wake up early, meditate and set an intention on how I’d like my day to go. I try to practice the attitude of gratitude – being grateful in literally everything that’s happening in my life. I also try to live in the now and let go of control. My constant source of inspiration aside from nature is my family, my closest friends and my teachers – in yoga and meditation really helped me accept and love the body I’m in and the life I have.

Something to pass on: What piece of advice/words of wisdom have stuck with you all this time which you would like to pass on? Why are they memorable? Feel free to expound, if you like.

I always keep in mind the quote “when nothing is certain, everything is possible.” It rings true to me because anything can literally happen at any given moment in time. Challenges are part of growing and learning and that I should just let life surprise me as I grow with the flow of life.

Thank you for sharing your story, Geli! And to you, dear reader, thanks so much for reading!

That said, we’d like to hear from you (and your friends!), too — answer our Google Form at http://tinyurl.com/fromher2her  Kitakits! =)


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