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Our Tuesday update features Popjunklove and Common Room’s Roma Agsalud. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! 

What’s your name?

Roma Agsalud

Where on the Internet can we find you? (URL/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) 

IG: @romaagsalud

What would you like to be known for?

Crafter-entrepreneur of Popjunklove and Common Room

Something to look back on: What do you wish you could say to a younger self? If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently? Tell us more about this younger self, if you’d like.

You are always on the right track. Even if it seems you’ve lost your way, it’s part of the journey to finding the right one. Cry. Fail. Go hard on yourself. Or you can relax too. Be happy and go easy on yourself. Whatever you do, it’s what needs to be done at the moment. I promise you. It will all make sense someday. I will never ever change any imperfect part of you. It’s what makes you, YOU.

Something right now: What makes you glad to be alive right now? What gets you excited these days? What is it about these things that inspire you? Feel free to tell us more about the things that excite you.

That there is still sooooo much room to learn, to improve and to grow. That there is soooooo much to look forward to. That there is still a lot we can do. That this is not the end. These are the things that make me want to sleep less and be awake more.

Something to pass on: What piece of advice/words of wisdom have stuck with you all this time which you would like to pass on? Why are they memorable? Feel free to expound, if you like.

Stop complaining and start doing. Stop saying you can’t and start proving to yourself that you can.

You will fail. For sure. No one is immune to failure. Not even the greats. Accept. Brace yourself. Stand up. Do it again better. Failure is a good thing. It’s life’s funny way of rooting for you and telling you, “Hey! You are awesome. Do it again ’cause I’m sure you can do it better.”

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Roma! And to you, dear reader, thanks so much for reading!

That said, we’d like to hear from you (and your friends!), too — answer our Google Form at http://tinyurl.com/fromher2her  Kitakits! =)


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