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Our Thursday update features ocean lover, storyteller and calligrapher Jen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! 

What’s your name?


Where on the Internet can we find you? (URL/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) 

IG: @_msjfreckles / @frecklesandink || FB: /frecklesandinkph

What would you like to be known for?

The stories I tell. My art, poetry, and words are all gateways of the stories I tell based on the things I’ve been through. So more than the output, I would like to be known for the stories/lessons/testimonies I tell.

Something to look back on: What do you wish you could say to a younger self? If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently? Tell us more about this younger self, if you’d like.

If I could say something to my younger self, it would be two things: One is to love yourself. Just own yourself, your flaws, your inadequacies because when you do that, you will gain confidence that will attract the rest of the world. Dwelling in feelings of worthlessness is just wasting time you could have used to nurture who you could really be. I wish I knew this back then. Maybe I did, but I never really focused on self-growth. I was caught up in my emotions wondering why I wasn’t worth it. I lived life with a preconceived idea that I didn’t deserve it – whatever that ‘it’ was. I should have changed my perspective, realized that I am worth it, and that could have given me a lighter, more positive outlook. I was a teenager floating in a world of gray, constantly depressed; my self-pity then was at its peak. I should have been more carefree, and light-hearted.

And two is to never rush things. Don’t. Things fall into place at their rightful time. Never settle for half-baked moments. This could have saved myself from so much heartache and trouble, to put it lightly. I was always rushing to grow up, rushing to experience things, far too curious that I ended up loving the wrong people, making life-altering mistakes along the way. I should have been less uptight, and more…hopeful, patient, at peace.

Something right now: What makes you glad to be alive right now? What gets you excited these days? What is it about these things that inspire you? Feel free to tell us more about the things that excite you.

I’ve always believed that though we will always have regrets, things that we want to change in our past, we are still the sum of all our heartaches and experiences; a child of our accumulated learnings. And at the end of it all, everything happens for a reason. So knowing this, having this kind of perspective now, gives me a certain sense of gratitude and purpose. We are who we are because we have made mistakes but we have also been redeemed and this lifts the heavy weight that I once carried on my back. It gives me a lighter, more positive outlook in life. It gives me peace and hope that hey, things are going to get brighter. And it has been brighter. And it still will be. So that excites me. I think the moment we feel excited about something we don’t know, proves how much we’ve grown.

It proves that you have refined faith and you have finally come to terms with yourself, loving everything that makes up who you are – past, present and future. When that happens, you know that the world is ready for you. You’ll know that you have developed a certain kind of resiliency to take on whatever the world has to offer.

Something to pass on: What piece of advice/words of wisdom have stuck with you all this time which you would like to pass on? Why are they memorable? Feel free to expound, if you like.

Everyone is meant for something special. You never need to force things because when it’s meant for you – whether it’s a job, a dream, a person, whatever it is – things will fall into place and you will experience no trouble for it. And love yourself because you are beautiful. You are capable of great things if you only allow yourself to reach farther than what you think your limits are. You are limitless and once you believe that, my, you will soar.

What a fantastic, inspiring note to end at — thank you for sharing your story, Jen! And to you, dear reader, thanks so much for reading!

That said, we’d like to hear from you (and your friends!), too — answer our Google Form at http://tinyurl.com/fromher2her  Kitakits! =)


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