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One Saturday night, Drea and I were talking about how we need empowering women’s stories now more than ever. So here we are. 

Hope you don’t mind as I get the ball rolling, so to speak.

What’s your name?


Where on the Internet can we find you? (URL/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) 

http://lastgirl.net/the (website)
@thegshift (IG)

What would you like to be known for?

I’m a writer who happens to be lesbian.
(An aside: We were talking about this question, and we considered many permutations — we wanted to know what people did, but we didn’t want something that read ‘Occupation/Employment’ because for many of us, we’re more than our jobs. We are what we make of our hours–and personally, I want to know how yours go.)

Something to look back on: What do you wish you could say to a younger self? If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently? Tell us more about this younger self, if you’d like.

Every so often, I like browsing through old (online, password-protected lol) journals and many times I can’t help but wonder how earlier versions of myself got by — I drank too much and slept too little and chain-smoked like I didn’t need my lungs in the morning. Slowly and surely, these bad habits are catching up with me, like trash eventually finding their way to the shore (lol) and I have spent some days paying some old debts, and to my body, no less. Dear 18-year-old Kate, we’re not gonna live forever, but we’re gonna live a while — it won’t hurt to slow down and be kinder. This body is all you got.

Something right now: What makes you glad to be alive right now? What gets you excited these days? What is it about these things that inspire you? Feel free to tell us more about the things that excite you.

This is a hard question, especially these days, when the urge to just roll over and go back to sleep is strong. But I do take comfort in the fact that I am surrounded by driven, inspiring people who make sure that each day presents a new challenge. I’m marking my Calendar Exit this year (I’m turning 32, hence wala na sa kalendaryo, hala siya) and there’s a lot of changes in the offing, I can feel it. Many times I wake up thinking, Today, I am writing the best lesbian love story to be ever told. (Still hasn’t happened; so I’ll just keep waking until it does, I guess.) Also, truth be told, I am so excited for 2016 to end.  (Who isn’t?)

Something to pass on: What piece of advice/words of wisdom have stuck with you all this time which you would like to pass on? Why are they memorable? Feel free to expound, if you like.

When I hear the word ‘advice’, I always go back to my father, my number one source of wise words. He has plenty, but the one that has stuck with me all these years is the one where I don’t back myself into corners: “Always leave room for escape.” This is my dad permitting me to make mistakes, so long as I have room to maneuver myself out of their consequences — a Plan B, if you must. In a world where more is expected of girls like me, my father explicitly allowing me to fail, while at the same time assuring me that there is always a way out and that I am capable of finding it — isn’t that just the most empowering thing?

The picture above was taken in Singapore last September, at the awesome ArtScience Museum’s Crystal Universe installation. 

Thanks for reading! We’d like to hear from you (and your friends!) — head on over and answer our Google Form at http://tinyurl.com/fromher2her  Kitakits! 


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