Hey girl!

Times like these, we have to turn to each other for guidance, inspiration and strength. We’d like to know what drives you. We’d like to know what gets your blood running in the morning. We’d like to know what lessons you’ve learned. And we’d like to pass it on to other girls. (Here’s how to share your story)

Thanks for taking time! =) -Drea (@ mabuhaydiy) & Kate (@ thegshift).



Here are our stories.

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What drives you? What pushes you out of bed in the morning? What lessons have you learned on the way to where you are right now? What words of wisdom have stayed with you all this time?

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About [Her & Her]

Drea is an artist. She makes things. Visit her on Instagram: @mabuhaydiy

Kate is a writer. She makes things up. Visit her on http://lastgirl.net/the